Au Pair Healthcare (or what to do if you are sick)

General Information

APIA’s health (medical) insurance plan is administered by Cultural Insurance Service International (CISI) and is part of the Aetna Health Network. It is valid anywhere in the world except your home country.

  • You need to take your personal health insurance identification number with you to the doctor. The number is attached to an email from ‘My CISI’ which you received at orientation. Search your email for “ If you cannot find the email you can:

Contact your insurance company by calling 203-399-5130 or emailing Please include your au pair ID number in the email along with your host family’s name and address (If you call you may wait awhile on hold with no music or sound, this is normal.)

  • Prescription medicine:  you need to bring your prescription discount card to the pharmacy  (you can download it by visiting: this website)

    Present the pharmacist with your medical insurance identification number and prescription discount card when you fill your prescription.  You will need to pay the full cost for the prescription medication at this time. Then, you complete an online form along with your receipt to receive some money back. 

How do I find a doctor, clinic, or hospital?

The best place to start for any illness or injury except women’s health issues is an Urgent Care clinic.  They are open 8 am to 8 pm and you do not need an appointment (you can walk in or make an appointment online).  


Medstar PromptCare – Capitol Hill, 228 7th St SE, WASHINGTON, DC 20003-4306, 202-698-0795 

Medics USA, 1700 17th St. NW, Suite A, Washington, DC 20009, 202-483-4400

Medstar PromptCare – Adams Morgan, 1805 Columbia Rd NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20009-2001, 202-797-4960 

Medstar PromptCare – Chevy Chase, 5454 Wisconsin Ave. Suite 401, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 301-215-9440

Medstar Health is offering telemedicine eVisits. Please visit this link to find out how it works, conditions they treat and other frequently asked questions.  You will need to enter your medical insurance information. The cost is about the same as a visit to the in-person Urgent Care Clinic.
DC government is offering free, COVID-19 testing. Please visit this website for complete information.

Your medical insurance does not cover some women’s health needs. For birth control or anything related to women’s health (birth control pills, testing for STDs etc.) you will want to go to a low-cost clinic. Their are three options below: 

  1. Arlington, Virginia Family Planning Clinic: Human Services Center at Sequoia Plaza, 2100 Washington Blvd. 2nd Floor, Arlington, VA 22204. Phone number: (703) 228-1200 You need to take the following documents with you:  au pair participation letter from your au pair portal (this letter includes your stipend information), a picture ID, proof of your DC address like a bank statement, and your medical insurance card.

2. **Gaithersburg Planned Parenthood:  19650 Clubhouse Road #101, Gaithersburg, MD 20886 Phone number: 301-208-1300

3. **Suitland Planned Parenthood: 5001 Silver Hill Road Suite #103, Suitland, MD 20746

Phone number: 240-563-1220

**You will need to pay for care you receive at Planned Parenthood, but you will only owe based on your income level for the following services: Treatment for a sexually transmitted disease (if you have symptoms), Breast exam, Pap smear, Yeast infections, Birth control pills/DEPO shots. Other services you are charged the full rate. You will need a letter that proves your participation in the au pair program and your income to qualify for a discount on the listed services only. To request this letter please email your community counselor. Please visit the individual link above to make an online appointment for one of these locations.


If you think you need to go to the Emergency Room at the hospital it is best to be seen by a doctor at an Urgent Care Clinic first. If you go to the Emergency Room at the hospital without having gone to the Urgent Care Clinic first you may be charged an extra $500 by the insurance company if you are not experiencing a true emergency first. Of course, if you truly think you are having a life threatening emergency then go to the nearest hospital. Any hospital in the DC area will take your insurance.


If you need to see a specialist please search this database for a doctor who takes your insurance: click here.   (After you enter your zip code, you will be asked to Select a Plan, choose “Passport to Healthcare Primary PPO Network”)

Tell the provider that you have Aetna Health Insurance when you call to make your appointment or check-in at the office. Always confirm that they still take your insurance. Immediately call or email the insurance company if a listed provider states that they do not take your insurance.

Other important information

  • Your health insurance does *not* cover preventive medicine like vaccines or physicals/check-ups.
  • Your insurance will not cover ice skating or skiing or other “extreme sports” unless you add sports insurance. You can add sports insurance any time during your year. To do so please contact Laura Blersch at to request information.
  • Do not panic if you receive a crazy high bill.  It often takes a month for the doctor to correctly bill the health insurance.  If you do receive a crazy bill please contact the CISI support at (800) 303-8120, prompt 5 or 203-399-5130.
  • Take care of yourself.  Don’t delay going to the doctor if you are sick.  I know this is intimidating but you can figure it out. Perhaps ask a friend to come with you.

Other low-cost health services (not covered by your insurance):

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