First Day of Winter is December 21, 2017

Photo: Bossi (Flickr)

Photo: Bossi (Flickr)

In the northern hemisphere, December 21 is the first day of winter. Also called the winter solstice, it’s the shortest day of the year. In Washington, DC, the sun will set at 4:49 PM on December 21, 2016.

Animals handle cold winter weather in a variety of ways: some travel to a warmer climate while others grow thicker fur coats so they can stay warm and active during the winter. Many animals hibernate during the coldest weather – they spend the warmer months eating and storing as much body fat as they can and then live off this extra weight as they sleep.

Even though it’s tempting to stay inside when it’s cold and dark, it’s important to get outside in the daylight. Eating healthy, exercising, and keeping a regular sleep schedule will also help you keep up your energy. Au pairs DO NOT hibernate this winter! Call a new au pair and meet her for hot chocolate. Bundle up, get outside, and enjoy the cold weather.


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