May Au Pair Tips

Illustration: (Flickr)

Illustration: (Flickr)

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and before too long, the kids will be on summer break. Here are a few things to think about as we look toward summer.

1. Weekly meetings:  These are a perfect time for you to sit down with your host parents and review the weekly schedule, the children’s behavior, and other issues. APIA strongly encourages these meetings. If they’re not happening at your house, let me know and I’ll speak with your host parents.

2. Schedule:  Summer is almost here. What does that mean for you? Now is the perfect time to review your work schedule and family agreements and think about how life might change this summer. Bring up questions you have about these changes in your weekly meetings.

3. Smart phones:  Smart phones are great tools for staying in touch with your host family, finding directions, scheduling playdates, keeping track of your schedule, and taking pictures of your host kids to share with their parents. However, remember that you should never use your phone for anything else during work hours. Don’t do it.

For more tips for having a successful year, check out the ABCs document on our Facebook group page.

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