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Au Pairs Make a Difference

Photo: Catherine McEaddy Holmes

Sara Segundo Lazaro shared how Catalonians celebrate Sant Jordi Day at National Presbyterian School in Washington, DC

Volunteering is an important part of American life. Au Pair in America encourages all of our au pairs to volunteer as a way to share your culture and learn more about American culture through the experience.

APIA’s Global Awareness program provides the opportunity for you to share your culture, customs, and language in DC-area classrooms through the “Meet Your Global Neighbor” project. Recently, Sara Segundo Lazaro taught a group of kindergartners at National Presbyterian School about Sant Jordi, a festival celebrating the patron saint of Catalonia. See the Global Awareness website for more details on volunteering through this program.

Xareny Segura Muniz is enrolled in the UCLA APIA Advantage Course, which requires au pairs to do a Global Awareness presentation, volunteer at a local organization, and participate in historical and cultural activities. Last month, Xareny visited a first grade class at Lee Montessori PCS, where she taught them about Mexican foods, holidays, and animals. The children also learned a few words in Spanish. Next week, Xareny will volunteer at the DC Central Kitchen to help fulfill the Community Involvement portion of her class.

There are many volunteer opportunities in the DC area. You are welcome to contribute your time wherever you like, as long as it does not interfere with your work or school schedule. Our DCC Cluster Facebook Group has a list of current volunteer opportunities under the files tab. Also, ask your Host Family for community service ideas with their children’s schools, their church, synagogue, or other house of worship, or neighborhood organizations.