Fair Season!

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair 2015 (Images: Catherine McEaddy)

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair 2015 (Images: Catherine McEaddy)

Looking for a change of scenery? Want to get out DC’s concrete jungle for the day? Or maybe you just want to try a fried Oreo? All of these dreams can come true over the next few weeks at one of the many area county and state fairs. 

What is a county or state Fair? Usually held in late summer or early fall, county and state fairs often include agricultural exhibits or competitors, carnival amusement rides and games, displays of industrial products, automobile racing, and entertainment such as musical concerts (adapted from Wikipedia).

KidFriendly DC and About.com/travel have details about some of the most popular county fairs taking place in August and September throughout Maryland and Virginia. And please share photos of all of the fun you have on the Ferris wheel, or eating an elephant ear, or cheering for a pig in a pig race, or many of the other fun and uniquely American things you can do at a fair.

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Don’t miss the DC State Fair on August 28, 2016!

Interested in checking out an agricultural fair on urban turf? Then don’t miss the 7th Annual DC State Fair on August 28th. That’s right- DC has a state fair! It may be small in comparison to Maryland or Virginia’s state fairs, but the DC State Fair definitely has the best t-shirts. Plus as a DC resident, you can enter one of the contests (registration deadline 8/20).

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