Presidents Day 2018

Photo: Bill & Vicki T (Flickr)

Presidents Day is a Federal holiday created to commemorate the births of former Presidents George Washington (Feb. 22) and Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12). 

In 2018, Presidents Day is celebrated on February 19th. Throughout America, Presidents Day is observed by big sales in the stores and no mail delivery. School is probably closed on February 19th in honor of Presidents Day, too.

Presidents Day Fun Facts and Questions for Host Kids

  • The United States has had more than 40 presidents. How many can the children name?
  • Who has been president during their lifetime?
  • Take a look at American coins and bills; who are the Presidents pictured on each coin and bill?
  • Apostrophe or not? You’ll see references to the holiday as Presidents Day, President’s Day, and Presidents’ Day. Learn more about the confusion surrounding whom this holiday honors in this Washington Post article.
  • 10 things you may not know about Abraham Lincoln

Celebrate Presidents Day in DC

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