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2019 Au Pair Education Options

Photo: William Warby (Flickr)

Photo: William Warby (Flickr)

  • APs are required earn at least six academic credits during their year by completing classes/courses at accredited US post-secondary colleges and universities. 6 academic credits = approximately 8 CEUs = approximately 80 classroom hours (72 classroom hours is absolute minimum allowed).
  • For a summary of State Department education requirements, click on this link.
  • Before you sign up for a class, remember to talk with your HF to make sure that the class will fit with your work schedule.
  • If the class is remote (out of town), HFs pay for the class and what is included. APs pay for transportation, food, & lodging.
  • Most courses require homework to receive class credit.


Georgetown University Evening and Weekend English

  • Details: Conversational English courses (weeknights), ESL Business English courses (weeknights), and Advanced TOEFL Test Prep course (Saturdays)
  • Credits: 3.2 CEUs for 8-week summer course; 3.6 CEUs for 9-week fall and spring course
  • Cost: $480 for summer course; $540 for fall & spring courses (10% Early Enrollment Discount)
  • Placement: Mandatory placement test
  • Location: Georgetown, DC (Take shuttle from Dupont Circle Metro)

International Language Institute (ILI) English Programs and other foreign languages

  • ESL and TOEFL Prep Au Pair Promotion- $500 Tuition for 72-75 hours
    • Day Classes (Monday-Friday 9 am-2:10 pm; earn 75 hours in 3 weeks)
    • Evening Classes (Tuesday-Thursday 6:40-8:45 pm; earn 75 hours in 10 weeks)
    • Saturday Classes (Saturday 9 am-1:05 pm; earn 72 hours in 16 weeks)
  • Other foreign languages
  • Cost: $75 one-time application fee + tuition (usually offers 10% discount for Au Pairs)
  • Schedule: Weekday, evening, and weekend courses offered year-round; foreign language classes begin 4 times per year
  • Placement: Testing offered daily
  • Location: Dupont Circle (Dupont and Farragut North Metro)

LADO International Institute English courses

  • Details: Intensive, Semi-intensive, TOEFL Prep, and TEFL Prep classes
  • Credits: 7.6 or 7.2 CEUs for Intensive 4-week program; 7.2 CEUs for Semi-intensive 8-week program, 3.6 CEUs for 8-week Saturday program
  • Cost: $85 one-time registration fee + tuition (10% APIA tuition discount usually offered)
  • Schedule: Weekday, evening, and weekend courses offered year-round
  • Placement: Testing offered daily
  • Locations: DC (Archives, Gallery Place, Metro Center), Arlington (Rosslyn Metro), Silver Spring (Silver Spring Metro)

Mentora College Intensive ESL Program

  • Details: Intensive 4-week program (ask about a 30% APIA scholarship discount)
  • Location: DC (McPherson Square and Metro Center)


BMCC Learning Across America

  • Details: BMCC offers au pairs two ways to earn educational credits:
    1. Learning Local: Attend class at Trinity University in DC and then take a study trip to the destination (usually Niagara Falls or Amish Country).
  • Credits: 40 hours/4 CEUs, 36 hours/ 3.6 CEUS, or 32 hours/3.2 CEUs
  • Cost: Varies by class (check for additional housing and transportation costs)
  • Schedule: Learning Local classes meet on Saturdays and Sundays. Study trip dates vary and may include weekdays. Learning Express classes meet over one long weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Carefully check class descriptions dates and times.
  • BMCC continues to add new courses to its Learning Across America program so make sure to check the schedule regularly!

George Washington University School of Business Women’s Business Leadership

  • Details: GWU’s School of Business Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence Women’s Leadership Seminar series
    • WBL 101: Intro to Women’s Business Leadership (Fall- Nov 2 and 3, 2019)
    • WBL 102: Personal Leadership Journey (Spring- March 7 and 8, 2020)
  • Credits: 3 credits/ 36 hours
  • Cost: $360 early registration; $385 regular registration + $25 for workbook
  • Schedule: TBA (also pre and post-class assignments)
  • Location: George Washington University (Foggy Bottom Metro)

University of DC Community College Au Pair Weekend Class

  • Details: Learn important skills for dealing with the cultural and personal challenges that international visitors in the U.S. often face and also learn about Washington, DC.  
  • Credits: Receive up to 45 hours for a 3-day weekend class 
  • Cost: Varies by course (housing not provided)
  • Location: 801 N Capitol St NE (near Union Station)

University of the Virgin Islands International Program (based in DC and other locations)

  • Details: Courses that meet for multiple times for several weeks, weekends, or months (include Accent Reduction, ESL Small Talk, Sign Language, art classes, business classes, and more).
  • Credits: Between 20-40 hours (2-4 CEUs) and varies by course
  • Cost: Varies by course; create student account to register and pay
  • Locations: Throughout DC Metro and other locations

Other Classes located at Universities all over the US, including California, New York, Florida, Virginia, Hawaii and others. Click here for more information.


UCLA Extension American Studies

  • Credits: 6 credits
  • Cost: $500
  • Schedule: September 23, 2019 – February 3, 2020. Course #364702. Registration opens July 29, 2019.
  • Location: Online (Note: This is the only online class approved by the State Department and is only available to APIA Au Pairs.)


Below is a list of accredited DC-area schools you may wish to research for class options. However, they tend to be more expensive and do not have special programs designed to fit into an au pair’s typical schedule.

American University Nondegree Student (over $1000 per credit)

Corcoran Arts Continuing Education classes (around $1000 per credit)

Georgetown University Visiting Non-Degree Student (over $1500 per credit)

Montgomery College Work Force Development & Continuing Education (must pay non-resident fee)

Prince George’s Community College classes (must pay out-of-state tuition)

This blog post was last updated on 07/13/2019.

Free Classes for Adults at the Library

The DC Public Library offers loads of free classes for kids and families, but there are plenty of opportunities for adults too. This list gives you an idea of some of the adult classes being offered in the library branches in our cluster. Check out the library event calendar for other classes throughout the city. And don’t forget- they’re free!

Yoga & Meditation

Image: www.GlynLowe.com (Flickr)

Image: www.GlynLowe.com (Flickr)

  • Mt. Pleasant: Start your weekend with Carol, Marjorie, and some relaxing, stress-free yoga on Saturdays at 10 am. Everyone is welcome, beginners especially! 
  • Living in Harmony @ Mt. Pleasant: Join Colors of Happiness Coaching and Healing facilitator Florencia Fuensalida every other Saturday at 11:30 am for a brief guided meditation to provide you with the relaxation you need. 
  • Petworth: Yoga at Your Library is a beginner level yoga class for adults and teens on Saturdays at 11 am and Tuesdays at 7:30 pm brought to you by Yoga Activist. No experience is required. 

ESL Conversation Circles

  • Mt. Pleasant’s “Let’s Speak English”: Join the Conversation Circle held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8 pm to improve your English and chat with new people.
  • Takoma Park’s English/Spanish Conversation Hour: Join English and Spanish speakers every first and third Tuesday at 7 pm for a half-hour of conversation in Spanish followed by a half-hour of conversation in English. Each meeting will focus on a particular topic/area of interest.

Other Classes

Photo: Maxime De Ruyck (Flickr)

Image: Maxime De Ruyck (Flickr)

  • Learn Street Photography @ Petworth: On June 25th at 10 am, learn the basics of street photography in this two-hour workshop. We will begin in the basement of Petworth Library before moving outside. We will also learn how to upload their photos to Flickr.  Registration required. 
  • Your City in 3D! Digital Flaneur Workshop @ Mt. Pleasant: On June 29th at 7 pm, the DCPL Makers-in-Residence will introduce the concept of 3D scanning and imaging.
  • Awesome Adult Coloring Cafe @ Petworth: On July 13th at 5:15 pm, join Ms. Tea who will provide calming instrumental music, aromatherapeutic scents, colored pencils, markers and cool coloring pages for adults to complete.
  • Summertime Zumba @Takoma Park: Join Roshaunda Jenkins, a certified Zumba instructor, as she brings her experience, skills, and energy to this Zumba session on August 17th at 7 pm
  • Open Shelves @ Mt. Pleasant: an interactive exhibit for our multilingual community to learn from each other while becoming authors, artists, and collaborators in handmade artists’ books. 

** Please note that these classes are for fun and do not count towards an au pair’s academic class requirement.**